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Tri-fold Project Boards Tri-fold project boards are a big deal in school. When your customers buy one of these boards, there is something important happening. It might be a big class project. They may be a preparing a presentation. Science fair could be starting (which means you should definitely be buying these project boards in bulk). Whatever it is, they are about to spend some real time making this jumbo project board say something. Then, they are going to try to find a way to fit it into a car or bus and not accidentally knock several classmates over while walking with it. The point is, these boards have an important job to do. Having something important to do resonates with us, so we told the manufacturers to send us enough that we can share them at ridiculously low prices. When you see your customers and their kids walk up to you with one of these boards, don't hesitate to ask what they will be working on. Glue, tape and blunt-tip scissors are only a few clicks away.