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Discount Bulk and Wholesale

Discount bulk and wholesale is a leading national distributor of school and office supplies in the US.

Our mission is based on 4 core principles:

Help People

Our sales force is trained to take a consultative approach with our customers, avoiding high pressure, and taking every opportunity to provide outstanding customer service. If you’ve had an experience you’d like to bring to our attention, we will value every review you take the time to submit.

Make it Easy

To earn your business, it is our goal to offer a simplified selection of exceptional value products instead of forcing you to search through hundreds of unnecessary options. We also continually research and develop improvements to our products, this website, and our general workflow process to keep up with the specific needs of our clients.

Go Big

You leverage our buying power on every order you place. Our negotiators order in quantities that motivate manufacturers. We then reward customers that share our passion for bulk orders by offering major discounts as your order grows.

Speed it up.

We know you’re busy! Placing an order here is a snap. We are meticulous about our time management, identifying key areas where extra dedication improves the experience of our customers. A fast, easy model means less overhead costs to pass along to you.

Notice that low pricing is not on this list. Our below-rock-bottom rates are the product of these four principles.

Supplying Cheap Prices to your business (small or large)

If you’ve taken a moment to browse our high-quality selection of products, you’ve probably noticed that our pricing is very competitive.

All orders placed on this website are processed by the case (bulk orders). By entering your zip code before you shop, your total displayed through your Discount Bulk and Wholesale order platform will be all-inclusive.

Many of our competitors advertising a low up-front price and add shipping, tax, and fees later. By allowing you to access the full quote upfront, our goal is to skip the “GOTCHA!”.

We’ve embraced a simplified business model. As you add items to your cart, your exact check-out amount is displayed live on the top-right of your screen in your order summary. You can freely add items, play with numbers, and get your order right every time all while still shopping.

Remember when comparing prices with other sources, not everyone follows this model.  Shipping policies may or may not be readily displayed on other ordering platforms. While shopping around, take the time to check on shipping policies before building up a whole order. Looking for shipping policies early on can save a huge amount of time and money, and will likely bring you right back here to Discount Bulk and Wholesale.

There is, in fact, a savings program we offer specifically to schools and nonprofits called the On Track Backpack program. The On Track Backpack program follows a completely different pricing model than our Discount Bulk and Wholesale store. The On Track Backpack program is invitation only. If you represent a school or nonprofit, you may request an invitation.

Buying in bulk vs. wholesale today

Aren’t “buying in bulk” and “buying wholesale” the same?

Not exactly, and sometimes it’s easy to get them mixed up. Bulk and Wholesale are both related to buying in large quantities to receive some form of discount. Ordering a case of an item is a bulk order. An artist may buy pencils in bulk if she goes through packs quickly.

An art supply store, on the other hand, would likely buy in multiple cases or pallets at a time. The art supply store would be looking for wholesale pricing to maintain a competitive edge and cover their bottom line. At Discount Bulk and Wholesale, we offer wholesale pricing even in bulk quantities. If you find prices lower than ours anywhere on the web we will be shocked. More importantly, we will do our best to match or beat their price.

Shopping Discounts

You may sometimes find a selection of specials or shopping discounts available on the Discount Bulk and Wholesale platform. Keeps your eyes open for CLOSEOUTS, coupons codes, and be sure to subscribe to be notified if other discounts become available.

Pay close attention to the details of any discounts you find. Most of our shopping discounts are for a limited time only, so don’t miss out when you find one.

Questions about our shopping discounts may be directed to support@ontrackbackpack.com.

Bulk Production

We order directly from manufacturers to get you the best prices possible. The quantities we order leverage every price-break our negotiators can find. There may from time to time be slight changes in our product lines as we are constantly striving to improve both quality and price-point. If you have ordered a product and have an idea you’d like to submit, we are very open to improvement. If we feel it will improve the experience of our customers we may select to discuss it with the manufacturers. While we obviously can’t guarantee any ideas will be implemented, we are thrilled to have an engaged and creative community of customers.

Color Selection

We often choose to offer cases in assorted styles and color selections. Assorted cases offer variety while maintaining a consistent order. It is our policy not to break cases. If there is a high enough demand for a color, we may over time adjust our inventory make these selections available.

The Discount Bulk and Wholesale Customer Experience

Our single highest priority at Discount Bulk and Wholesale is to help people. Our policies are directed towards this goal. If you have input for us, we are listening!

Let us know what we are doing well. Our site, www.ontrackbackpack.com is still a young website. We’ve included a user experience that we believe is very powerful yet still unconventional. If you find the tools we’ve provided helpful, please let us know. We would like to make sure we don’t remove strong features as this website evolves.

Let us know where there is room for improvement. If at any point in your experience you find yourself questioning a decision, please allow us the opportunity to consider your honest input. We may be able to accommodate some preferences, or at least convey and understandable reasoning for why we would need to find another way.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are excited to offer you an exceptional selection of product at incredible pricing. We hope that in some way we help you towards achieving success.

-The Discount Bulk and Wholesale team.