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Supplies for Success

The On Track Backpack Discount Program

Over 75% off MSRP

On Track Backpack Pricing


Note: This pricing is only available once you have registered and been approved. Although the On Track Backpack program is only accessible through invitation, any nonprofit, charity, or school can submit a request for an invitation by following the steps below

1     Visit our Create an Account page.

2     Check the box titled: “I represent a non-profit, school district, school, or charity”.

3     Enter your company, qualifying EIN or website with an associated email address.

4     Ensure all required fields have been filled in accurately.

5     Submit your account for approval.

If your organization meets our requirements, you will receive your invitation to join the program within 24 hours. Your account will be upgraded automatically.

Children need school supplies.


At Discount Bulk and Wholesale, our top priority has always been offering a service that truly helps people. We are thrilled to launch the On Track Backpack program.

This discount program has been developed to address a growing need in every city, suburb, and town across the United States: many families need help.

We’re connecting with like-minded leaders in communities all across the country to get backpacks and school supplies to the families that need them.

Whether you represent a charity, non-profit, school, district, religious organization, or are a supporter, thank you for your interest. We have been inspired by the stories of our customers and the impact of these backpack drives.

How does On Track Backpack support charities, schools, and non-profits?

On Track Backpack Perks

Open Discounts


We know lower prices mean more kids get help.

At DB&W big orders lead to bigger savings. The decision to treat every order from non-profits, charities, and schools collectively as a single order became known as our open discount policy.

This has grown into a promise that the prices we offer through On Track Backpack are as low as our manufacturers will allow.

We strip out our own overhead charges.
We buy inventory in advance.
We explore individual shipping options to find the lowest offer.

The results speak for themselves in our listed prices.

Dedicated Agent


When running a backpack drive it may be difficult to forecast the needs of your drive months in advance. On Track Backpack customers are assigned a specific agent to help out along the way.

Early on we discuss your “miracle order” projections. We then use these projections to capitalize on early-bird pricing incentives from our manufacturers and to ensure we have enough inventory in stock during the summer rush to support you. As the date of your drive gets closer, we refine your order, find the best option for transport, and manage any challenges and opportunities as they come up.

Free Resources


We’re building new ways to help you be successful:
Check back frequently so we can keep you up to date!

On Track Backpack Logo

Our goal is to help you

help more kids.


We want you to get as many backpacks and schools supplies to children in need as possible. We admire the work and relentless dedication of the staff and volunteers running these backpack drives. Nothing could help us more right now than getting to know you better. Contact us to share your stories of successes, challenges, ideas, and goals. Your voice is making a difference in how families in need find help.

Thank you.

In hopes of a better future,
the On Track Backpack Team.

Do You Represent a School or Non-Profit?

Don’t forget, there is plenty of savings to share! Please, feel free to let everyone know about the On Track Backpack program. The more members we have, the better savings we can negotiate for all!